Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love for Sale

Certainly my love is for sale,

Although I haven’t set the price,

A small fee will put my love on hold,

A few kisses would suffice,

I’ll offer my love for a price reduced,

Ten percent off would be the teaser,

But my love for one, the lucky one,

Is guaranteed to be a pleaser,

Thirty percent off is a chance I’ll take,

For someone looking for a prize,

My love will flow like a brook,

Hey, check out my great eyes,

Half off, oh, give me a break,

Not even one hug or kiss,

My love will not be on the market long,

If I can’t profit in this,

Your offer is way too low,

It’s time for me to set sail,

I’ve not done well in selling my love,

And I guess I’m doomed to fail,

What? Give my love away,

Without any cost at all?

My heart hasn’t agreed to that,

Not that I recall,

Okay, I’ve come to terms,

We’ll trade our hearts for free,

This will benefit you right now,

And somehow will benefit me,

My efforts to sell my love have failed,

My negotiations have gone awry,

But since I gave my love away,

I can suddenly reach the sky,

No signs are up, no love is for sale,

No need for anyone to inquire,

Because once I gave my love away,

She set my heart on fire,

Nope, no fire sale today,

I’m happy being warm as toast,

I love her mind, her eyes, her smile,

But it’s her heart I love the most.

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