Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Valentine Tree

Our Valentine Tree
We fell in love on Valentine’s Day.
The minute you laughed I knew.
I was destined to be yours, my love,
And I would be blessed with you.

We planted our special tree that year.
We cleared away the snow.
You insisted our love would always be strong
And you wanted the whole world to know.

You’re in my thoughts again, my love,
I imagine you under our tree.
Remember all the pledges we made,
And the passion between you and me?

The years passed by rather fast,
Then our kids were grown and gone.
We were there in our empty house,
Still together but each all alone.

My heart grew hard and I forgot our tree,
I insisted it blocked my view.
I was determined to chop it down,
Without even telling you.

It was early morning on Valentine’s Eve,
When I approached our special tree.
I was shocked and pleased with what I saw,
Then ashamed of the heart in me.

Instead of the tree being stark and bare,
Pink and red covered the tree.
Valentines and notes from all our years,
Proclaimed your love for me.

My love had been erratic.
There was little that I could boast.
But you were there as you always were,
Just when I needed you most.

My dreams and heart were renewed, my love,
By the valentines that covered our tree.
There was only one thing I could say,
“I’m glad you married me!”

I miss all you gave, my love,
And the tenderness you showed to me.
I want our love to be clear each year,
 As I hang valentines on our tree.

I'll Choose to Burn the Ice Away

I’ll Choose to Burn the Ice Away
Why is it so hard to love you?
My cold heart snuffs the flames.
I want to respond with tenderness and love,
And call you sweeter names.

Why do I let the storm win out?
My blood rushes to my ears.
I want to demonstrate my love for you,
And gently wash away your tears.

Why do I disregard the condition of my heart?
My priorities have always come first.
I want to show you how important you are,
And satisfy love’s growing thirst.

Why do I wait to prove my love is true?
My motivation to love has been weak.
Yet I’m still the man you chose to wed,
I can give you the romance you seek.

I’m tired of the excuses I make.
My love lies dormant inside.
I’ll choose to lead my heart back home,
And forget my foolish pride.

I will choose to think good things of you.
Sparks of romance will turn to flames.
I’ll be thoughtful and you’ll feel loved.
Our love will never be the same.

I’ll wake in the morning with thoughts of you.
My warmth will seek you out.
And all the questions I once had,
Love will erase each and every doubt.

If you, too, choose to stir the embers,
The flames will reach the sky.
For love that learns to burn again,
Grows sweeter as time goes by.

Love Changed Me

Love Changed Me
I was running fast and free,
Trying to keep you far away.
Somehow I lost my point of view.
On our first date I wanted to kiss you.
Because love inspired me.
You said you had a cold but I said it was okay.
I could wait for yet another day.
You wanted to text during finals of my senior year.
I could not risk failing so I refused.
But love taught me.
By the lake in the heat of summer I proposed.
It was too soon and I needed to be patient.
I don’t remember who it was
That declared I was not good enough.
But love improved me.
Your leg is draped across my legs.
Last night tender words were said.
You took up space I reserved for me.
But I enjoyed sharing my bed.
Love captured me.
Your smile was the last thing I remember
From our wild and perfect night,
During our wedding some things went wrong,
But all the things that mattered went right.
Because love filled me.
There are those who thought our love shoudn’t be.
Time will erase all their doubts, if I love you tenderly.
Love changed me.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Bee's Night Before Christmas

A Bee’s Night Before Christmas
It was the night before Christmas
And all through the hive
Bees were clustered together
Keeping warm and alive.

Three pairs of stockings
Were glued up for each bee
In the hopes that Santa
Would put gifts under a tree.

Each young bee was snuggled
Way deep in her cell
Dreaming of a honey flow
That the older bees knew well.

The queen was in her chamber
Guard bees sleeping close by
All of them as excited about Christmas
As a swarm on the fly.

The night was clear
The new moon was bright
Everyone knew for certain
Santa would be there that night.

When up on the roof
There rose such a clatter
The queen went with the guards
To see what was the matter.

On the roof they could see
A sleigh full of toys
Most of them for workers
Only one or two for the boys.

Eight bumblebees had been pulling
They made it look hard
Would Santa have the time
To reach each bee yard?

The driver’s face was red
From the cold (I suppose)
And icicles hung down
From the tip of her nose.

Her eyes were coal black
Her mouth made for smiles
She looked a little weary
She had traveled for miles.

Her coat was real thick
Made to keep her warm
Her wings were slightly tattered
From a late summer swarm.

She was quick as she placed gifts
Near where each bee lay
Then she pulled a beautiful tree
From off of her sleigh.

With a wink she said,
“These bumblebees are tired.
I’m looking for workers
Who want to be hired.”

Six volunteers jumped up
(they refused any money)
So she promised they’d receive
Extra stores of honey.

They darted out of the hive
And while they were in sight
Santa Bee buzzed, “A golden Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!”

Over almond orchards and clover
They flew on their way
They finished their task
Before Christmas Day.

Baby Bee's Night Before Christmas

Baby Bee’s Christmas
The hive was snug from the lid to the base.
The entrance was wide open for Santa, (just in case).
All the cracks had been sealed to shut out the cold.
Baby Bee was sleeping and good as gold.
The queen had inspected each and every frame,
Then she lined up her children and addressed them by name.
The youngest ones she checked closely and their noses she wiped.
“Is everything ready for Christmas?” she piped.
“If the decorations are finished, leave on a small light.
Santa Bee will be arriving sometime tonight.”
She ordered a plate of honey and pollen so Santa could be fed.
Then she hugged all her babies and tucked them in bed.
All were sleeping soundly when they heard such a clatter.
Santa Bee had arrived in the midst of a swarm.
His cheeks were all red and he looked very warm.
Dispensing gifts from his sleigh as he raced through the hive,
He was interrupted by a question, “Mr. Santa, can I drive?”
The other bees were shocked that Baby Bee would ask.
Santa Bee chuckled and let her help with his task.
All around the world this magical swarm flew.
Bringing sweet gifts to everyone they knew.
As they left each hive and while they were still in sight,
Baby Bee would shout, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Son, Listen to My Words of Wisdom (Part 2)

My Son, Listen to My Words of Wisdom (Part 2)
My son, the time for choosing friends is ripe,
First, you can tell a tiger by its stripes.
A friend can fool you when he growls or talks.
You can discover more by the path he walks.
Others will know you by the friends you choose.
If you don’t pick winners, someday you’ll lose.
If a friend observes danger but pretends he’s blind,
You would be wise if another friend you’d find.
A friend will always tell what is true,
Even when the truth might hurt you.
A friend is there to watch your back,
And he will reason with you if wisdom you lack.
A friend will help when there’s nothing to gain.
A friend will listen and share your pain.
He’ll be there always even unto death.
But a fair weather friend has wasted your breath.
If he doesn’t want you to be better, he’s not a true friend.
Like a drowning swimmer, he’ll pull you down at the end.
Someone who always flatters you has a concealed goal.
He’s shallow and self-serving and playing a role.
Beware if he’s not loyal all the way through.
He’ll sell you out and then desert you.
A friend is there all life to share.
So choose wisely, son, a true friend is rare.
My son, as for girls, your future is bright.
You’ll find contentment if you treat one right.
A girl needs thoughts of love to fill her day.
If she has love she has less reason to stray.
A girl’s world is different from the one you know.
Relationships and emotions help her bloom and grow.
Look in her eyes each and every day.
Her feelings are important. Listen to what she has to say.
Don’t be afraid to show a little romance.
Hold her in the moonlight and laugh and dance.
Your thoughts will remain positive, son,
If you count your blessings one by one.
Tell her she’s beautiful and just what you need,
Then it’s like dancing and you’ll have to lead.
Don’t look for things she might do wrong.
Mention what she does right. Then move along.
There will be days when your cup is half full.
Choose to be positive and life won’t get dull.
Surprise her with flowers, whether picked or bought.
Keep your romance smoldering and the flames hot.
Kiss her each night before you sleep.
A kiss will remind her your love is deep.
Whisper sweet words as you hold her near.
And the wisest of all, son, always be sincere.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Honey Bee

Honey Bee
He slowly approached the bee hives,
Observing the endless streams of flight.
The honey bees deserved his attention,
But he wondered, What is she doing tonight?

He put on his hat and accompanying veil,
To provide protection from stings to his face.
He lit up his smoker and then eased it down.
Would I be welcome if I stopped by her place?

Prying open a lid he sent in a few puffs of smoke.
The bees calmed down and moved away,
While he checked each frame for the queen.
What could I bring to brighten her day?

The queen was perfect, undamaged and full.
In the summer this hive would be strong.
There would be supers of golden honey.
 He’d get sweet rewards if nothing went wrong.

As he carefully reassembled the frames,
One worker flew out and stung his wrist,
Was that a portent of things to come?
Would he be crossed from her list?

As he worked through the remaining  hives,
He was distracted by a disturbing thought.
If he was determined, would love find a way?
Because she was well worth any battles fought.

In his beat-up car he sped wearily to her house,
Hoping he could see her without being seen.
On her porch he would leave a bottle of honey,
With a note saying, TO MY QUEEN.

Plans concerning love can sometimes go awry.
Honeyed words often remain frozen on lovers’ lips,
And love not claimed can be lost for all time,
Sailing swiftly away like a phantom ship.

In front of her house he parked his car,
And placed the honey up on her porch.
Before he could leave she raced outside.
He wasn’t the only one carrying a torch.

She was perfect, just right for his queen.
Ripe and willing, she was waiting for her king.
Their future was golden and offered sweet rewards.
Though they had little, they had everything.

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