Friday, February 1, 2013

I'll Choose to Burn the Ice Away

I’ll Choose to Burn the Ice Away
Why is it so hard to love you?
My cold heart snuffs the flames.
I want to respond with tenderness and love,
And call you sweeter names.

Why do I let the storm win out?
My blood rushes to my ears.
I want to demonstrate my love for you,
And gently wash away your tears.

Why do I disregard the condition of my heart?
My priorities have always come first.
I want to show you how important you are,
And satisfy love’s growing thirst.

Why do I wait to prove my love is true?
My motivation to love has been weak.
Yet I’m still the man you chose to wed,
I can give you the romance you seek.

I’m tired of the excuses I make.
My love lies dormant inside.
I’ll choose to lead my heart back home,
And forget my foolish pride.

I will choose to think good things of you.
Sparks of romance will turn to flames.
I’ll be thoughtful and you’ll feel loved.
Our love will never be the same.

I’ll wake in the morning with thoughts of you.
My warmth will seek you out.
And all the questions I once had,
Love will erase each and every doubt.

If you, too, choose to stir the embers,
The flames will reach the sky.
For love that learns to burn again,
Grows sweeter as time goes by.

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