Friday, February 1, 2013

Love Changed Me

Love Changed Me
I was running fast and free,
Trying to keep you far away.
Somehow I lost my point of view.
On our first date I wanted to kiss you.
Because love inspired me.
You said you had a cold but I said it was okay.
I could wait for yet another day.
You wanted to text during finals of my senior year.
I could not risk failing so I refused.
But love taught me.
By the lake in the heat of summer I proposed.
It was too soon and I needed to be patient.
I don’t remember who it was
That declared I was not good enough.
But love improved me.
Your leg is draped across my legs.
Last night tender words were said.
You took up space I reserved for me.
But I enjoyed sharing my bed.
Love captured me.
Your smile was the last thing I remember
From our wild and perfect night,
During our wedding some things went wrong,
But all the things that mattered went right.
Because love filled me.
There are those who thought our love shoudn’t be.
Time will erase all their doubts, if I love you tenderly.
Love changed me.

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