Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Bee's Night Before Christmas

A Bee’s Night Before Christmas
It was the night before Christmas
And all through the hive
Bees were clustered together
Keeping warm and alive.

Three pairs of stockings
Were glued up for each bee
In the hopes that Santa
Would put gifts under a tree.

Each young bee was snuggled
Way deep in her cell
Dreaming of a honey flow
That the older bees knew well.

The queen was in her chamber
Guard bees sleeping close by
All of them as excited about Christmas
As a swarm on the fly.

The night was clear
The new moon was bright
Everyone knew for certain
Santa would be there that night.

When up on the roof
There rose such a clatter
The queen went with the guards
To see what was the matter.

On the roof they could see
A sleigh full of toys
Most of them for workers
Only one or two for the boys.

Eight bumblebees had been pulling
They made it look hard
Would Santa have the time
To reach each bee yard?

The driver’s face was red
From the cold (I suppose)
And icicles hung down
From the tip of her nose.

Her eyes were coal black
Her mouth made for smiles
She looked a little weary
She had traveled for miles.

Her coat was real thick
Made to keep her warm
Her wings were slightly tattered
From a late summer swarm.

She was quick as she placed gifts
Near where each bee lay
Then she pulled a beautiful tree
From off of her sleigh.

With a wink she said,
“These bumblebees are tired.
I’m looking for workers
Who want to be hired.”

Six volunteers jumped up
(they refused any money)
So she promised they’d receive
Extra stores of honey.

They darted out of the hive
And while they were in sight
Santa Bee buzzed, “A golden Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!”

Over almond orchards and clover
They flew on their way
They finished their task
Before Christmas Day.

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