Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baby Bee's Night Before Christmas

Baby Bee’s Christmas
The hive was snug from the lid to the base.
The entrance was wide open for Santa, (just in case).
All the cracks had been sealed to shut out the cold.
Baby Bee was sleeping and good as gold.
The queen had inspected each and every frame,
Then she lined up her children and addressed them by name.
The youngest ones she checked closely and their noses she wiped.
“Is everything ready for Christmas?” she piped.
“If the decorations are finished, leave on a small light.
Santa Bee will be arriving sometime tonight.”
She ordered a plate of honey and pollen so Santa could be fed.
Then she hugged all her babies and tucked them in bed.
All were sleeping soundly when they heard such a clatter.
Santa Bee had arrived in the midst of a swarm.
His cheeks were all red and he looked very warm.
Dispensing gifts from his sleigh as he raced through the hive,
He was interrupted by a question, “Mr. Santa, can I drive?”
The other bees were shocked that Baby Bee would ask.
Santa Bee chuckled and let her help with his task.
All around the world this magical swarm flew.
Bringing sweet gifts to everyone they knew.
As they left each hive and while they were still in sight,
Baby Bee would shout, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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