Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Son, Listen to My Words of Wisdom (Part 2)

My Son, Listen to My Words of Wisdom (Part 2)
My son, the time for choosing friends is ripe,
First, you can tell a tiger by its stripes.
A friend can fool you when he growls or talks.
You can discover more by the path he walks.
Others will know you by the friends you choose.
If you don’t pick winners, someday you’ll lose.
If a friend observes danger but pretends he’s blind,
You would be wise if another friend you’d find.
A friend will always tell what is true,
Even when the truth might hurt you.
A friend is there to watch your back,
And he will reason with you if wisdom you lack.
A friend will help when there’s nothing to gain.
A friend will listen and share your pain.
He’ll be there always even unto death.
But a fair weather friend has wasted your breath.
If he doesn’t want you to be better, he’s not a true friend.
Like a drowning swimmer, he’ll pull you down at the end.
Someone who always flatters you has a concealed goal.
He’s shallow and self-serving and playing a role.
Beware if he’s not loyal all the way through.
He’ll sell you out and then desert you.
A friend is there all life to share.
So choose wisely, son, a true friend is rare.
My son, as for girls, your future is bright.
You’ll find contentment if you treat one right.
A girl needs thoughts of love to fill her day.
If she has love she has less reason to stray.
A girl’s world is different from the one you know.
Relationships and emotions help her bloom and grow.
Look in her eyes each and every day.
Her feelings are important. Listen to what she has to say.
Don’t be afraid to show a little romance.
Hold her in the moonlight and laugh and dance.
Your thoughts will remain positive, son,
If you count your blessings one by one.
Tell her she’s beautiful and just what you need,
Then it’s like dancing and you’ll have to lead.
Don’t look for things she might do wrong.
Mention what she does right. Then move along.
There will be days when your cup is half full.
Choose to be positive and life won’t get dull.
Surprise her with flowers, whether picked or bought.
Keep your romance smoldering and the flames hot.
Kiss her each night before you sleep.
A kiss will remind her your love is deep.
Whisper sweet words as you hold her near.
And the wisest of all, son, always be sincere.

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