Friday, September 7, 2012

The Stone Princess

“Why am I here?”
The thought goes through my mind,
There must be a reason,
But the answer is hard to find,

“The place is yours while you’re there,
Treat it like it’s your own,
It needs some work but you’ll see,
It’ll make you a very nice home,”

It was not entirely true,
The offer he made to me,
For hidden behind the scenes,
Was the power I could not see,

“Do what she wants to keep the peace,”
Her heart has turned to stone,
And I could feel her words strike,
As they pierced me to the bone,

If I must live under her rule,
And bow to her every whim,
Then I cannot stay in this place,
And let my light grow dim,

I want a place to call my own,
To rescue or restore,
And should I maintain it well,
It’ll last a few years more,

If the stone princess should follow,
In an effort to keep control,
She’ll lose all she was meant to be,
Her heart, her mind, her soul.

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