Friday, November 2, 2012

One Lonely Dragon

One Lonely Dragon, Magic and Tough

Once I yearned to be magic and tough,
But I was left to wonder what my status is,
Though life’s a stage to strut my stuff,
I knew I’d never make it in show biz.

I was the wall flower, intense and shy,
Entering from stage left, or was it right?
Left out of the popular group, the other guy,
For everything I got, I had to fight.

So I became a dragon from medieval days,
You knew I was there.  I had a mighty roar,
But dragons are the ones who everyone slays,
If I wasn’t careful, I’d be doomed forevermore.

I could be in a crowded room, invisible to all,
Pretending that I’d asked someone to dance,
Yet even then my courage would hit the wall,
For lonely dragons only get one chance.

There must be a lady dragon waiting somewhere,
Although time drags on and it’s getting late,
I’m still invisible and no one can find me here,
I’m breathing fire and I don’t want to wait.

And the days drag on, and the nights grow cold,
I still remain a dragon, but just on the inside,
Watching the modern knights who are so bold,
While I sit steaming in my tough old hide.

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