Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wedding Bubbles Forever

It was the strangest of weddings,
An attempt at an unusual scheme,
For bubbles was the constant theme,
The geodesic spheres that were there,
Looked like giant bubbles from the air,
Some of the guests came in Beetles round,
In bubbles some rolled across the ground,
And gathered in the largest geodesic home,
Round and spacious, no place like dome,
Instead of “The Wedding March” the organist played,
“I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” to start the parade,
The flower girl, a cute little bubbly thing,
Scattered pink bubbles, next to the boy with the ring,
Wearing name tags so the guests didn’t guess at all,
Bubba, the Best Man, came in dancing, having a ball,
Bubbles, the Maid of Honor, was not to be outdone,
She was shimmying and shaking, having lots of fun,
The guests were prepared with bottles of soap,
And blew bubbles to represent joy and hope,
The minister began his speech with a little mirth,
“We live on a large bubble called Earth,”
At the wedding reception things were just grand,
Everyone began dancing, all that could stand,
The DJ used a bubble machine to let the music flow,
When he played the “Chicken Dance”, they let themselves go,
Finally the groom held a large glass of champagne,
To toast his wife, his queen to reign,
And she giggled, “These bubbles tickle,”
When some of the bubbles trickled,
Past her grin and down her chin,
Onto her dress laced with bubble wrap,
Onto her white shoes, past her lap,
But the groom diverted everyone’s eyes,
By singing out loud to their surprise,
To keep their attention he chose,
To have bubbles go up his nose,
And everyone laughed and called it a night,
While the Bride and Groom drove out of sight,
Above them all, each planet and star,
Were reminders of bubbles wherever they are.

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