Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!"

For a few short weeks my cell was home,
There was no place I could roam,
Visitors came often but not for me,
One snickered, “The truth will set you free,”
But the longer I was held, the more I found,
Truth was beyond the court, it was more profound,
Certain truths solidified, like, the sun will always rise,
Unless there’s a big bang kind of surprise,
I believe in love, even in those times of drought,
When everything I tried just didn’t work out,
I believe in God even though some insist,
“There’s no proof that He even exists,”
As other prisoners served the time they got,
They asked me why I was there, “I forgot,”
I said, because I didn’t want to waste my breath,
Saying a truth like, “Give me liberty or give me death,”
I didn’t want my time to be garnished,
All truths could be challenged or punished,
In a short while another judge reduced my time,
Deciding my incarceration didn’t fit the crime,
My lawyer walked me through the first door,
He said, “Please, just listen, don’t say anymore,
See this machine? It detects truth and lies,
But the machine acts almost human, no surprise,
It might believe the truth I’m telling,
Even though it’s lies I’m selling,
If I can tell a lie without batting an eye,
Or tap my finger, the lie will pass by,
I’ll demonstrate with one little test,
What if a tree falls in a forest,
And no one sees or hears the fall,
Is it true that it makes sound at all?
Or what if a man should make a mistake,
And there is no woman to correct or offense to take,
Is it true he made a mistake?
See, the answers prove me out,
The lie detector leaves a lot of doubt,”
We continued until I had passed the last door,
I realized I was closer to truth than before,
If I wanted the truth to correspond to facts,
I had to be careful with all my future acts,
I didn’t need liars who could be trouble,
I would refrain from the truth or burst their bubble,
 I had been making a long mental list,
Of all types of liars that would always exist,
Lawyers, salesmen, fishermen, politicians too,
All have been known to stretch a few,
Eventually the thought crossed my mind,
I’d stay around women and the truth I’d find,
But once in the world and free as a bird,
I was shocked at all the things I heard,
About women lying, dyeing, tanning, all down the block,
Trying to convince they had been missed by time’s clock,
Sharing secrets that weren’t facts to each other,
About her kids, his wife, someone’s brother,
Telling lies often enough that they became the norm,
And the real truths couldn’t weather the storm,
A grain of truth here, a lie there, it was a trend,
The women were truly as bad as their men,
I came to a conclusion that made sense to me,
Truth is a mixture of what we believe and what we see,
Beliefs and disbeliefs, Santa Claus, faeries, or a ghost,
Lying for good reasons, which untruths do we boast?
Truth is something to be proud of, something to inspire,
Otherwise we become kids, “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”

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