Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trapped Inside

I don’t know how to say what I feel,

I’ve been alone way too long,

But when you are near,

The world seems more clear,

 I forget all the things that went wrong,

You’ll never know I’ve changed my view,

Unless I share my heart,

You’ll see my pride fall,

As I tear down the wall,

And change things that drove us apart,

I’m afraid that you’ll say it’s too late,

That love has shriveled and died,

If my worst fears are true,

And I’ve really lost you,

Then my love will be trapped inside,

If I stammer and stall, break down and cry,

Look at the words waiting in my eyes,

What you really mean to me,

Will be easy for you to see,

There will not be a place for lies,

What have I done to make you cry?

You say they’re tears of happiness,

Your arms are opened wide,

I’ve finally swallowed my pride,

You’ve waited so long for this,

The world is not always about me,

Please be patient as I grow,

I’ll learn to listen and confide,

I don’t want my love trapped inside,

I want a river of love to flow,

I’m glad I had a second chance,

To tell you how much I care,

My heart knows it is true,

Just how much I missed you,

And I’ll love you forever, I swear.

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