Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tales From One Warm Summer Night (Part 2/3)

Connie was anxious to begin part two, so right on cue her story continued,

“The knight awoke at dawn and struggled to his feet,

He remembered most of his dream but it was not complete,

He had seen the beautiful princess, afraid and locked away,

On his journey he continued, no temptations led him astray,

He had been warned by the fairies, “the queen do not trust,

She’ll try to deceive you and have you put to death if she must,

The queen is more dangerous than she might appear,

So before you get too close, it’s wise to disappear,”

The knight approached the castle, wary and unseen,

He wanted to release the princess from the clutches of the queen,

The queen was alert and saw a shadow on the wall,

“You’re no match for me,” she chuckled, “I’ll catch you in the hall,”

Her guards were summoned in case he tried to resist,

They captured him and the queen decided to give him a kiss,

While the princess watched so her spirit would break,

But the spell by the fairies made a kiss the queen’s last mistake,

Her sister, the witch, waited anxiously at the keep,

She vowed the knight would die and the princess would weep,

The witch devised a wicked, evil plan,

One that would not be refused by an ordinary man,

She changed herself into a princess, perfect in every way,

The knight would not resist her charms as she asked him to stay,

But the fairies’ spell made the knight a different kind of bloke,

Too late she realized the danger but she still went up in smoke,

The knight was shocked how things were turning out,

He wanted to kiss the princess but he had a lot of doubt,

Two kisses and two women, nothing left of them to find,

If the same happened to the princess he was sure he’d lose his mind,

The princess rode with him and when they stopped in the wood,

The fairies explained the spells and he finally understood,

Ten thousand kisses later he’s still kissing strong,

The princess does her magic and his heart to her belongs,”

As Connie finished her story her eyes were filled with tears,

“If I could get that kind of love, I’d wait a thousand years,”

Jim was impatient, he hated stories about romance,

While Connie sobbed, he jumped at his chance,

“It was ‘red sails in the morning,

Sailors take warning,’

Yet because the sky and water looked calm and inviting,

Weather was ignored and the sailors dreamed of a life exciting,

Rum, women, maybe a ship or two, there was much to do,

But in the afternoon the wind howled and the waves grew,

They raced towards land, hoping to be safe ashore,

But the storm took control and they were safe no more,

As the waves crashed over the bow,

One sailor yelled, “What are we going to do now?”

It was time to take action by saving the ship,

The seamen had to do something to give death the slip,

They threw over their cannon, their food, and rum (their only pleasure),

Even with the storm’s increasing intensity, they waited to toss the treasure,

The ship broke up, being pounded by the relentless waves,

Survivors later found the treasure and hid it in caves,

Within everyone’s reach but hidden away,

There it remains until this very day,

Someday a storm will leave it in plain view,

Wouldn’t that be great if it happened to you?”

“Oh, I forgot about the death ship that still sails,

Perhaps another time I’ll tell that tale,”

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