Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Watch Out, Mr. Wolf!

Watch Out, Mr. Wolf!

Cinderella sat on a pumpkin,

Having a spot of tea,

Oh, so dainty she appeared,

Naïve and sweet was she,

A big bad wolf came along,

And spotted the lady fair,

He was so smooth this villain he,

He brushed back his hair,

“My what big pumpkins you have,”

His words unctuous and fluid,

“Oh, are you going to be nice?”

Yet the opposite was understood,

She enticed him with a smile,

The wolf just continued to stare,

He really wanted nothing of her,

Except to escort her to his lair,

“Um, yes, I think I could sit awhile,

And enjoy an afternoon tea,

After that I’d like to show you around,

Would you accompany me?”

“I’ll mull that over as we talk,

For I’ve a question or two,

I’ve heard rumors that you’ve been bad,

Now, is that really true?”

She was wiser than he wanted,

He’d have to be cautious and slick,

But her eyes looked wide and innocent,

Would she fall for his tricks?

She said, “I have pekoe just for you,

So come and sit with me,

We’ll talk all afternoon,

While we drink our special tea,”

She found him quite charming,

As they drank cup after cup,

But inside she knew his roving eyes,

Wanted to eat her up,

She kept him at bay all afternoon,

But on a pumpkin beneath a tree,

He found what he was looking for,

Love and happiness, and a spot of tea,

Afternoon teas became the norm,

But other wolves thought it strange,

That the baddest wolf of all,

Had found a home on the range,

It goes to show that appearances deceive,

And not all is as it seems,

For that big bad untamed wolf,

Had long been in her dreams,

It was always a question bandied about,

Why the wolf changed his drink to tea,

That’s just one of the mysteries of love,

That’s the way it seems to be.

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