Thursday, January 19, 2012

Risk Free

“Try my love risk free,”

She whispered ardently,

She said it so earnestly,

How could I not believe?

Her eyes left me no doubt,

Yet the truth took another route,

How could she bring this about,

Had she practiced to deceive?

Her lips were moist and sweet,

She was mesmerizing clear to her feet,

She was a vision of truth, not deceit,

Was there any part of her I couldn’t believe?

She was a veritable love machine,

Grinding, twisting, crushing everything between,

Her love was more hidden than seen,

Had she practiced to deceive?

Her heart and her head were miles apart,

As she torched my love and took my heart,

I wondered, oh why, oh why, did I ever start,

But how could I not believe?

True to her word she was risk free,

There was no love, no commitment, no honesty,  

She didn’t even need to lie to me,

I wanted desperately to believe,

I dared to be loved by her flame,

She drew me in without calling my name,

I fell for love so willingly that I’m to blame,

I didn’t think she would deceive,

All she said to me,

She whispered it so sweetly,

“Try my love, risk free.”

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