Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sonia and Her Cat

Perhaps you can attribute this to fate,

This occurrence was not entirely of my choosing,

So I hope you can relate,

A problem arose with a relationship that I thought strange,

I decided to move away,

 And my life rearrange,

I had considered my trip before New Year’s Day,

And my first resolution was to be organized,

In every possible way,

Since I had planned to move to another state,

Everything had to be packed and wrapped securely,

Before the moving date,

Each box had a number and a name,

Then taped to make it strong,

I thought I could make moving to be like a game,

I thought nothing could go wrong if I was organized like that,

But then Sonia walked up and asked,

“Where’s my cat?”

Our relationship was in total disarray,

But we began to search together,

Because we couldn’t leave it that way,

Fortunately I had rented a truck,

With all my worldly goods loaded neatly,

But I still had bad luck,

Time was a factor and I considered that,

Everything could have been methodically checked,

But she wasn’t leaving without her cat,

Boxes, boxes, they were strewn everywhere,

I’d gone through most of them,

While pulling out my hair,

I didn’t know what to think, my head was in a fog,

I couldn’t find her cat,

But I did find my dog,

I’d done as much as I knew how,

She was still crying,

I asked, “What do you want me to do now?”

She glared at me for a moment until an idea hit,

I’d use my dog to find her cat,

My idea was the perfect fit,

I was brilliant but my dog was dumb,

It wasn’t long before the place was in shambles,

And I was just a bit numb,

Sonia didn’t seem happy although her cat was okay,

My dog wasn’t happy either,

He still wanted to play,

Carefully I straightened up the mess,

Then I drove down the street slowly,

It was time for me to leave, that I’ll confess,

When I had traveled a thousand miles,

I stopped to walk the dog,

And remember Sonia and her smile,

There was no way I was turning back,

Too much had happened between us,

We couldn’t even keep track,

While I leaned against the truck and thought about her,

My dog looked at me in surprise,

He, too, had heard a purr,

There just wasn’t anywhere I could unload the truck,

So I just turned it around,

And attributed it to bad luck,

I was tired and hungry and everything seemed so wrong,

When I pulled up to the house,

I heard, “What took you so long?”

Sonia was waiting with a smile and all that,

Then she helped me find the box marked “C”,

Where she had hidden her cat,

It was the best start to a New Year ever,

For we bonded at the heart,

That no move could ever sever.

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