Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting Dreams

In my dreams I can’t get enough of you,

We frolic in love’s hottest flames,

Caressing and savoring our pure joy,

Filling the time with love’s games,

But when I awake to empty arms,

My heart crashes to the ground,

No more leaping and soaring in the sky,

No more planets or stars, for I’m earth bound,

I want my fantasy to be my reality,

I want to hold you next to my heart,

We’ve been magnets with the same polarity,

The harder I try the more you push us apart,

I think I’ve often tried to kiss the mist,

Or tried hugging a non-existent rainbow,

To be near you without touching you,

Is like being in the sun’s early glow,

The warmth is there despite the air’s chill,

Open your heart and let me in,

We’ll fill the moments with sweet love,

And let the waiting dreams begin.

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