Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Would You, Could You?"

Some needs never change,
As a child and growing like a weed,
I got bumps and bruises,
And discovered an inner need,

I needed acknowledgment,
For wounds and battles already won,
I’d say, “I need a hug,
So my day can continue on,”

As a shy, insecure teenager,
While out on a date,
I’d be fretting and nervous,
Perhaps you can relate,

There were moments of silence,
When I didn’t know what to do,
I’d look my partner in the eye,
And this is what would ensue,

“I think our evening has been great,”
I’d say with a shrug,
“So would you, could you,
Give me a hug?”

As an adult, life happened quickly,
And with a wife and house full of kids,
Things didn’t always go smoothly,
Sometimes we flipped our lids,

But in the late evening,
When there was peace and quiet,
I’d think over the events of the day,
Before I turned out the lights,

“This was a very long day,”
I’d say with a shrug,
“Wrap your arms around me,
And give me a hug,”

The best part of life is gone,
It happened so very fast,
But most of my so called problems,
Were forgotten in my past,

I see the world more clearly,
As I face each and every day,
I know I couldn’t have made it this far,
Without hugs along the way,

To anyone who will listen,
My favorite thing I’ll say,
“Would you, could you,
Give me a hug today?”

The news continues to bother me,
Wars, famines, and a new flu bug,
So wrap your arms around me,
And give me a hug,

You might want to ignore me,
As I stare out into space,
But there is something you can do,
To bring a smile to my face,

Just say, “Do you have a problem?”
I’ll grin and I’ll shrug,
And you’ll know it’s the best time,
To give me a giant hug,

If I’m wasting away in a corner,
Or standing in a line,
If I get a little tender loving care,
I’ll make it just fine,

When my life is full of sorrow,
I’ll greet it with a shrug,
But “Would you, could you,
Give me a hug?”

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