Thursday, April 12, 2012

Facing the Storms

I stood facing the storm,
Shaking my fists at the sky,
“I’m as angry as you are,
Don’t you dare pass me by!”

The storm roared out an answer,
One that I couldn’t comprehend,
From the clouds lightning flashed,
No way my position I could defend,

“You think that I’m afraid,
To hear your mighty roar,
But through the years I’ve gotten strong,
And you don’t scare me anymore,”

Large clumps of ice were thrown,
But I dodged each and every one,
Then the wind howled at me,
Thinking I was completely done,

I raised my arms once more to protest,
I shouted, “Is that all you’ve really got?”
The winds blew even stronger then,
And my question I soon forgot,

The angry storm surged ahead,
With me squarely in its sights,
Drenched and bruised I stood firm,
Determined to last through the night,

The winds slowed and died down,
The storm was coming to an end,
“What made you want to defy me?” it asked,
“You were brave and strong, my friend,”

“Today I buried someone dear to my heart,
Too young to pass away,
I have nothing left to live for,
I’m not ready for a brand new day,”

The storm said, “The world would lose a man,
Someone who is filled with love inside,”
The storm was barely a whisper,
“You’d be missed if you were injured or died,”

The rain fell in soft little drops,
Tears falling from the storm’s eyes,
I gained respect for a storm,
And I was willing to give life another try,

Sunshine warmed me at the break of day,
The world was beautiful again,
My tears had fallen along with the storm’s,
And I was ready for my new life to begin.

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