Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I thought I had no choice,

Right from the very start,

She skipped the formalities,

And went right for my heart,

She created the illusion,

That she was tall and slim,

And her silken voice compelled me,

To obey her every whim,

She said I was one of several,

Who were written on her list,

She was determined to catch each one,

To see what she had missed,

I was tempted to flee and hide,

But she said all the right things,

My money flowed like water,

And disappeared along with a diamond ring,

I wondered if her men were all alike,

She said we were much the same,

I asked her why she was manipulating me,

She replied, “It’s part of the game,”

I thought I could read her signals,

But she was playing on my need,

My anxieties and discontent,

 Took me wherever she wanted to lead,

Her spell was woven very tight,

I could not escape each deadly phrase,

Her other captives were equally servile,

They were all in a daze,

Stay away from the station at Newberry Park,

Even though a subtle voice calls,

For a temptress awaits in the dark,

You might be trapped within the walls,

There should have been an hourglass,

Painted with the deepest red,

Yet she didn’t display such a sign,

I think she kept it hidden instead,

You’ll be caught in her web of lies,

If you once hesitate,

For she is a black widow spider,

The kind that eats her mate.

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