Thursday, April 12, 2012

When Love Starves

We fell head over heels,
The first moment we met,
The world buzzed with happiness for us,
As we watched sunrise and sunset,

We had no worries of tomorrow,
We were too full of today,
Life continued to happen,
When reality walked in to stay,

Long planned and wanted,
Children arrived and began to grow,
Soccer games and mini vans,
Became the life we learned to know,

Busy we were, from dawn to dusk,
We had no fear of growing apart,
We expected our love to last forever,
But neither of us knew our hearts,

Problems arose over the course of time,
We argued and fought, forgot to be kind,
We dug trenches and built walls,
Instead of lovers we were enemies in our minds,

Patterns of life that should have been fun,
Were swallowed up by silence’s gulf,
It doesn’t matter which one to blame,
It was decided that enough was enough,

We tumbled from the pedestals we were on,
Much too high as we fell from the sky,
There was no way we could stay there,
No longer did we care to try,

The beautiful things I knew about you,
In all the turmoil I forgot,
And the words and acts of love,
No longer from you were sought,

We could have tried harder,
Worked through our problems by choice,
Instead we continued out of control,
Until we broke our vows by divorce,

Each of us played a part,
We didn’t give love a chance,
Our love died by not being fed,
And life shut down our luke-warm romance.

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