Monday, February 13, 2012



“Caution,” she once told me,

“If you’re not careful in love you might fall,”

Then she slyly slipped away,

Her statement meant nothing to me at all,

The next day I saw her under a tree,

“Are you afraid to be warm and tender?”

Coyly she didn’t have more to say,

I needed a clear question, not a mind bender,

“Lust burns intensely out of control,

While love burns steadily with an eternal flame,”

Her eyes stared into the depths of mine,

I asked myself, “Were her eyes always the same?”

“Come tonight and we’ll count the stars,”

I didn’t want to count each and every one,

That would be extremely boring,

And it didn’t sound like much fun,

“We’ll swim at midnight at the lake,

You’ll like the swimsuit that I’ll take,”

“I’m a good swimmer but I don’t swim at night,

We could just watch t.v. for goodness sake!”

I didn’t risk anything so I was safe,

I don’t understand where I went wrong,

I’m not sure what she wanted from me,

We could have watched sports all night long.

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