Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Not Quite Housebroke!"

I went to visit my country friends,
It’d been a while, you see,
They’d told me to drop on in,
They sure was glad to see me,

They hugged me several times,
Before anyone there spoke,
“Don’t mind our dog under the porch,
He ain’t quite housebroke,”

Conversation flowed easily,
And time flew by,
I thought it was about time,
To say my goodbyes,

“Why don’t you join us for supper?
Cornbread and beans and blackberry pie,
Poke Salad and green beans,
A little moonshine for you and I,”

Adult conversation they were hoping for,             
They’d been so nice I couldn’t say no,
So I said I’d dine with them,
Then I’d have to go,

Little Bobbie threw food,
Finally my friend spoke,
“We’re learning him right,
He’s just not housebroke,”

After a few swigs of moonshine,
Our laughter grew loud,
The stories that were told,
Would’ve entertained any crowd,

I helped clean the kitchen,
The two little ones went off to bed,
They were still too young to stay awake,
They needed lots of rest instead,

My friends got to arguing,
And then she finally spoke,
“You’d best get out of here now,
Before something gets broke,”

Relationships are fragile and need time to grow,
Words have to be tender before they’re spoke,
Because anger can explode quickly,
If both are not housebroke.

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