Saturday, February 4, 2012

Devil or Angel?

From her window she watched,

As he strolled by each day,

Until he was completely out of sight,

Before she would lie down and pray,

“Oh, dear Lord,” she would say,

“He got to me again today,

If I don’t change how I think,

I won’t be going heaven’s way,”

The warmth that radiated inside,

As she studied his manly chest,

That warmth became a raging fire,

As she thought about all the rest,

Her dreams in the dark were of him,

She could feel his arms locked tight,

She had no doubts, she was totally sure,

She would share her bed one night,

As she stared from her window,

One day he glanced back and saw,

Her gaze raking over him wild and free,

Her thoughts beyond the law,

Her intense longing was clear to see,

What could he do but turn around,

She opened her door and greeted him,

They embraced without one sound,

Clothing could not keep them apart,

Soon it was skin against skin,

And all the passion stored away,

Exploded and was released within,

They spent that day in passion’s throes,

Navigators with much to explore,

No matter which direction either went,

Their bodies begged for more,

Happy, content, and physically spent,

He left her without a goodbye,

He walked bravely into a cold world,

Where men are not supposed to cry,

For she had stirred the flames,

Of a heart long grown cold,

And bought it to life again,

For his heart needed someone to hold,

She watched him walk away,

Every step showed confidence and spring,

As he approached, men and women stepped aside,

For he had the confidence of a king,

Devil or angel, she had forgotten her role,

She had so much love to give away,

If she passed someone needy on the street,

There surely would be hell to pay,

But for one day love reigned supreme,

And a man lost his worries and cares,

If she found him with his guard down,

And caught him unaware.

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