Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Just Me"

Here’s to another day, Dog,

It’s you and me again,

That’s okay cause

I don’t have money to spend,

We’ll just share the TV,

Watch a little basketball,

You and me,

Dog, do you wish you were all alone,

Chewing on a big juicy bone?

Or would you like this house to fill,

Up with other dogs and kids,

Would that be a big thrill?

While we’re here where we are,

We could be wishing on yonder star,

Instead of you lying there looking at me,

Wishing there was someplace you could be,

Dog, I know you’re some fine company,

But I’m growing old and tired as you can see,

Talking to myself doesn’t seem smart anymore,

Might as well talk to the door,

We could go looking to find you a friendly hound,

And once one is found,

Maybe it’s time for me to look around,

I could go downtown,

Or I could search online for a kind face,

Someone who might like this place,

Dog, where are you going?

Off to see the city?

You’re tired of taking pity?

I guess this is how it’s going to be,

Now that Dog is gone, there’s just me.

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