Sunday, March 11, 2012

All I Can Think of Is You

You were ready for me this time,

I imagine you reclining there, waiting,

I wonder how I can enter this dream,

When you are already anticipating,

Your body cannot contain your fire,

It’s much more than I can comprehend,

And the passion I feel for you,

Scorches me deep within,

Oh, would this dream come to life,

And your body fall soft upon mine,

Could I ever dare to dream again,

And taste your lips of wine,

Long ago we were lovers true,

We stirred the embers when we kissed,

You played the fool for you spoke of love,

“Too soon,” I said, and crossed you off my list,

You arrived in my life too early,

Before I was ready for a mate,

And I denied I had fallen in love,

My heart found out too late,

Now in the day you belong to someone else,

But in my dreams you’re mine to hold,

I revel in the pleasures we once shared,

When we loved eagerly and were bold,

I see the interest burning in your eyes,

I know you still think of how it could be,

Late at night when I whisper the right words,

You blush and slip your arms around me,

I kiss your hair and rub your back,

And you lay your head upon my chest,

Then all the longing and need we feel,

Becomes a rhythm we share with zest,

But morning’s light shows empty bed,

Though memories of the night seem true,

For though I know you’re somewhere else,

All I can think of is you.

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