Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'll Be Dancing

Like a baby tooth at six,

Clearly missing from a smile,

Floating away before her time,

From life my lover left for awhile,

I was not meant to be alone,

In time another did appear,

For a season to take her place,

But that one, too, did volunteer,

To drift away like an autumn leaf,

Disappearing without a trace,

But voids do not empty remain,

As matter rushes to fill the space,

Now I wander the heavens,

A lonely comet in its track,

Looking while I patiently wait,

To find the lover I sorely lack,

There’s a plan for such a fool as I,

I will scatter stardust along a trail,

To follow footprints across the sky,

And I’ll find my Venus without fail,

What my heart had lost before,

Was not meant for me to keep,

Because true love will not drift away,

It’s anchored and it’s deep,

Someday as you search the stars,

You’ll find me smiling there,

And I’ll be dancing with my love,

Up and down a crystal stair.

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