Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Love Needs Its Mystery

Poets have an inner eye and write what they see,

The images might be there but they don’t have to be,

Physical reality often means nothing to me,

For in the shadows a new world yawns,

Stretches, shakes, as a new day dawns,

A parallel world without wars or fears,

Founded on love where there’s no need for tears,

It’s there, existing, waiting for me it seems,

To stir my imagination whenever I dream,

In that world love is more than lust,

It’s a choice, an action, truth and trust,

Love in its fullness ready to share,

Bubbling over into my world and everywhere,

How can I open my world to let love pour in,

Why did love stop and can it happen again,

In the shadows the worlds could meet face to face,

Filling the darkness with love’s sweet embrace,

I’ll look to the other world to provide a spark,

When my world’s problems chase love from the dark,

And when science puts my love under a microscope,

Dissects it, inspects it, and neutralizes hope,

I’ll remind the world that love needs its mystery,

Where everything might be real but it doesn’t have to be.

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