Friday, March 23, 2012

Turning My Life Around

I wondered often if I was worth loving,

For my world seemed to turn out wrong,

All my efforts to claim happiness,

Were useless since I felt I didn’t belong,

Yet I knew my life counted for something,

Because my talents were unique,

But as long as I felt worthless,

Without love, life would be bleak,

You boasted about your successes,

And said I’d never be in the game,

I would never be as good as you,

I would always remain the same,

You told me I didn’t look well,

Even when I felt great,

I got tired of being put down,

It was time to set things straight,

You weren’t here to show me love,

And you weren’t ready to share,

Your negative attitude pulled me down,

And I didn’t believe you cared,

Being loved will build my self esteem,

And I need to have respect,

I want someone to show me love,

That’s the first thing I’ll expect,

Without love I might spend a lifetime,

Searching for the things I lack,

I’ll find the things that make me strong,

So I can get on a winning track,

For once I know what to do,

My life is upward bound,

I’m working hard to reach my goals,

I’m determined to turn life around,

I have a wealth of untapped potential,

There’s so much that I know,

My strengths will be productive,

I’ll use them as I grow,

My self esteem does not depend on you,

It’s what I make it to be,

I’ve decided to take charge of my life,

I won’t give up on me,

Each day I’ll put on my positive face,

Before I walk out the door,

I want the world to like what they see,

And have them asking for more,

Life is real and life is rough,

I’m determined to do things right,

All the hurdles I’ll come against,

I’ll cross them as I fight,

Positive thoughts will move me on,

Away from the deadly mire,

I’ll reach for goals on a higher plain,

Away from life’s consuming fire.

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