Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The oldest and strongest emotion is fear,
So I’ll release any phobia and not hold it dear,
I cringe when I think of letting fear run loose,
Stirring up trouble with adrenaline’s juice,
I know love makes the world go round,
While anxiety shuts those feelings down,
Love opens windows so the sun can shine,
Fear brings little deaths that kill the mind,
Hope brings a sparkle to weary eyes,
Fear douses dreams with untold lies,
Caution could keep me from places I could go,
Keeping me from trying what I know,
My sensitive heart has fears as well,
Letting phobias within it dwell,
For fears enter dreams and claim the throne,
Gliding in silently when confidence is gone,
Jealousy and distrust also climb aboard,
Wrecking havoc with love and cutting the cord,
Sweaty palms and a racing heart set the stage,
My fears overcome me, slowing creativity on every page,
Howling and snapping, fear continues to grow,
Until confronted, stared down, and commanded to go,
Apprehension is hesitant on life’s long ride,
And runs when courage stands by my side,
I may risk it all and not complete a task,
But I’ll try my best, that’s all I’ll ask,
With courage running over I’ll free my mind,
And leave fears in the dust, far behind,
My future is unveiled for me to see,
No web of fear to hinder me,
I’ll step forward and let nothing block my way,
Facing the world bravely, day by day.

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