Saturday, December 11, 2010

Things Worth Living For

Things Worth Living For
I hope somebody plants trees,
When I was young I loved the breeze
From high in the sky,
I think I could have taught Tarzan how to fly,
I hope there is grass, lots of grass,
I loved the feeling of grass beneath my feet,
And mud between my toes was a treat,
I loved the massages earth gave my feet,
I’m always trying to worry less and love more,
Trying to guess what’s in store,
I think I’ll just love until I can love no more,
The world is bigger than my dreams,
I want to go where I’ve never been,
See places I’ve never seen,
Someplace where it’s green and clean,
I want to see everything with fresh eyes,
Perhaps now and then with surprise,
Taking nothing for granted, not even my name,
For I know things change and never remain the same,
I want to show respect for others in all ways,
It may not lengthen my days,
But somebody may help me out of my maze,
And I can go back to loving more,
And that’s worth living for,
The freedom to climb trees, feel the breeze,
Feel the mud between my toes,
Going across the world,
And it won’t matter how it goes,
I want to respect others and love more,
And that’s worth living for.

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