Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bring on the Luge!

Bring on the Luge!
My life has not been an easy path,
I’ve ridden a luge,
Not so much in competition,
But a fast paced life riding up the walls,
And to the edge,
Afraid to catch my breath,
Thinking each one might be my last,
I’m living too fast,
Dragging my feet at times,
Trying to slow this frantic pace,
Telling myself it’s not a race,
Then down again across,
 The main part of the chute,
 And up, up, up the other side,
Life’s too narrow, not very wide,
I want to stop,
And see the view,
But what can I do?
Barely in control,
It’s an auto pilot I need,
But as I pick up speed,
White knuckles and screams,
Plans and dreams,
Whiz past,
So fast,
I have just long enough,
To contemplate the end,
And I grin,
For I’ve taken a luge,
For a spin,
And if I could,
I’d go once again,
And this time,
Let it fly,
Holding my hands way up high,
So fast,
Bring it on!


  1. I like the way you embrace speed at the end :). But...I still can't help thinking of that poor young Georgian luger who lost his life this past Feb. It's dangerous, isn't it? This speed with which we travel through life. You've made me think tonight.

  2. Life is dangerous but I'm enjoying it as much as I can.

  3. Wow, sometimes Im amazed of how other people I don´t know can write things so related to me! How I find myself in their words... that´s exactly what happened to me when I read this! You know? I´ve been trying to slow down... because Im going to fast and I loosing moments, but when I slow down, I feel lke Im loosing time! It´s all so confusing, trying to walk in a balanced way...

  4. I can picture you sailing through life, to fast to stop and catch your breath and all the beauty that surrounds you, whether it be family, friends or just slowing down enough to read a good book. Time marches on, it is we who control how fast or slow we travel that road through life. Enjoyable poem.

    Thanks for the visit and words of encouragement.


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