Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolutions (Part Two)

This year I’ll learn to trust and treat everyone as a friend,
A handshake and a well spoke word will mean truth again,
I won’t live a life gone by, stewing in my own pot,
Wallowing in self pity, at a time and place I’d rather not,
I’ll enjoy all the challenges that life always poses,
But never for a day or a minute, forget to smell the roses,
I’ll plan for the future and dream about what could be,
With my feet planted in the present to keep my sanity,
I’ll dance like nobody is looking, probably that’s best,
I may not win a dance contest, but I’ll show some zest,
Love with my whole heart, halfway will not do,
Holding part of myself back, is not fair to me or you,
I’ll treat everyone with respect, in each and every relation,
For without respect there will not be a solid foundation,
I’ll spotlight my strengths and focus on what I do well,
I want this year to be positive, on faults I will not dwell.

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