Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Real Time

Real Time
Thirty seconds left on the microwave,
Time is getting short,
“Come on! Cook faster!” I shout,
But it does no good to exhort,
Immediate gratification is what I want,
The seconds pass by too slow,
There are things I could be doing,
Like texting someone I know,
I will eat while I’m standing,
I’m too impatient while I sit,
Three bites, two swallows, I’m done,
That’s lunch! I’m finally over it,
Now someone wants to chat,
Not talking by voice, but text,
Communicating real time,
I can’t wait to see what’s next,
Instant communication, not e-mail,
I don’t want to go that slow,
There are things I could be doing,
Like driving to the mall, you know,
Another message coming in,
“Come on, faster,” I urge,
Must be another good friend,
All the things from the past,
I simply don’t have time for,
They just couldn’t last,
So what will replace texting,
What will be the new supplant?
I think I know the answer,
It’ll be a microscopic implant,
My messages will be faster,
Everything will be in my head,
Words will be for sure real time,
And nothing will be left unsaid,
I don’t know if that’s bad or good,
To communicate in such a way,
It’s just that I want everything now,
Not then, or later, but real time today!

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