Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Small Simple Things With Love

Small Simple Things With Love (One Poet’s Legacy)
Because I am a poet,
I am wiser than I think,
I see the world with clarity,
Able to mix fantasy with reality,
Discovering beauty wherever I look,
Or find ugliness and mayhem out my door,
I can’t ignore the world and waste my life,
I try to create order out of chaos,
And do small simple things with love,
Because I am aware of life and death,
And within the parameters of my time,
I am working on my legacy,
For a poet leaves more than leaves of grass,
For life’s deepest meaning is in relationships,
For all the experience I learned,
Loves once had, so foolish spent,
Were ground powder fine as the world turned,
But my world is much bigger than loves lost,
My fingerprints have left indelible marks,
Doing a thousand small simple things with love,
Comforting those left standing alone,
Who shed great tears of pain,
Encouraging those who lacked hope,
Lifting their spirits from the depths,
Urging those who needed words of action,
Doing something that would make someone’s life better,
Small simple things with love,
My footprints also linger on,
For I’ve walked carefully throughout life,
Stepping forward in truth and purpose,
Walking tall and unafraid to face the world,
Leaving footprints, I’m sure,
Yet unseen by me if I turn and look,
So I go trudging on,
My words heartfelt and true,
Knowing that my words are powerful,
Solving problems, gathering information,
Abstract thinking, concrete thinking,
Words that have the power of life and death,
Should be words of love and peace,
Kind words, affirming words, a chance to show mercy,
I am a poet and I share my essence,
My heart is open and in my dreams,
I leap barriers that block love’s capricious whim,
I do not want to keep love’s fire without,
It has to burn within,
I am vulnerable to the world,
And my dreams are of love and peace,
Each footprint, each fingerprint, that I leave,
Will be small simple things with love,
For I am a poet.


  1. Nice poem. Glad you are a poet. I wish more folks approached life from a poetic perspective.

  2. Woooooooooooooooooooooooow!! And again, so related, but let me tell you, I´m very surprised that people like you who can see the world like that still exist. With dreams of love and of hope, I do get you!
    And, it amazes me all of your thoughts and the beauty of your mind, keep it that way, never loose it because it is the key of a never known before door.

  3. Can I post this with a link to you in my blog? It is ok if you answer not, any way I loved it very very much!

  4. Lu Ann, sure, link me up! Keep me posted whenever you post also. May you have a blessed day!


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