Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dusty Tomes

Dusty Tomes in the Annals of Time
My life is an open book filling up with stories,
And as my life unfolds, I wait with anticipation,
Eager to see what each new chapter brings,
At the beginning, the plot and characters were simple and exciting,
Taking off in unforeseen direction,
Letting me develop as the main character in my book,
Sometimes I look back to see where I misread or was misled,
Caught in a mishmash, a tangled web of doubts and misdeeds,
It is then that I discover where my path lies,
Albeit twisted and overgrown with snares and woes,
Oh, but what a challenge to stay true to my character,
And to the whims of the Author,
Oh, but for a few more chapters,
Or for a sequel so that the protagonist can get his act together,
Because this book is rapidly coming to a close,
And the conflicts yet to be resolved,
My hopes are almost gone,
But the end will come just the same,
And I will be put upon the shelf,
Making room for the new fresh faces,
Ready for the bestseller’s list,
Legends in their own minds,
Until they, too, become dusty and worn,
Perused and abused, dull and unappealing,
Placing their spine alongside mine and the countless others,
Who have gone before,
Dusty tomes in the annals of time.

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