Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heir to the Castle

Heir to the Castle
With dismay I continued to climb,
Knowing well where this stair would lead,
I would have stopped long ago,
But my captor would not heed,

A steady pace, another flight,
If I asked now would I offend?
With much effort I continued on,
But I did not want to ascend,

Then I felt it, a cool sea breeze,
The hood was pulled suddenly from my face,
Since we stopped, could I plead?
But I was not expecting to get grace,

My blindfold was removed and I could see,
The kingdom I ruled, all the years gone by,
My captor, led me slowly to the edge,
He told me this was the day I would die,

“The kingdom is now mine, mine alone,
I’m tired of you getting the praise, all,
Now I’m doing what needs to be done,
Enjoy your loyal subjects as you fall,”

Beside the wall the crowd gathered round,
Soldiers were interspersed to prevent any disorder,
I was forced to take one last empty step,
I tumbled downward, and looked up at my brother.


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