Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's Forget About Tomorrow

I will be waiting patiently,
When dark comes to out the light,
We will meet at our rendezvous,
We are in love and tonight,
Let’s forget about tomorrow,
And feast on Aphrodite’s milk,
We’ll dance away our sorrows,
And rest on sheets of silk,
While the fresh scent of roses,
Permeates the humid air,
We will satisfy our desires,
And begin our love affair,
I feel a sense of belonging,
Your heart must feel it too,
For you are wearing myrtle,
I will love you so very  true,
The stars will see us locked in love,
And early dawn will turn to day,
We might be kept apart for awhile,
But our pure love will find a way,
For our souls will find increase,
Eternal flames intertwining,
Flames that will never cease,
And should we find ourselves free again,
The power of love will draw us together,
And we will dance to the same refrain.

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