Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Porcelain and Steel

Porcelain and Steel
You are porcelain, I am steel,
Delicate emotions let you tenderly feel,
Behind steel walls my feelings I conceal,
We’re from the same species I would say,
But how different we are; it blows me away,
You’re rough and tough until you build your nest,
While I continue to hunt or continue a quest,
What you wanted was someone like me,
Someone with a sense of adventure and mystery,
A bad boy persona who would bend the norms,
Who would fight to be with you,
Come hell or great storms,
If I tried, I could be really good,
But I don’t think you would respond,
Like I think you should,
You’re soft and sweet but I handle with care,
For sometimes I find a tigress there,
I don’t understand how you change on some days,
If I’m smart I just get out of your way,
We’re different and you have your need,
But a man is made to spread his seed,
You picked a bad boy and you’re to blame,
Now you’re determined I should be tamed,
So make a plan where you think and pause,
You can’t keep me with talons or claws,
I’ll help you out with two quick tips,
I’m much attracted to soft words and soft lips,
Inside this shell I’m tender as can be,
Be gentle and careful how you treat me,
And this bad boy will use strength and charm,
To hold you forever and keep you from harm.


  1. Such a charming poem. Am sure the lady appreciates it. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Great poem, to love someone, you have to let them be exactly who they are and they you.

  3. Makes me think of real-life experiences. Interesting.

    With Question,
    Theo Smith

  4. This poem is so eloquent, so personal and precious it touched my heart deeply and i only hope that someday i will be able to find myself a 'bad boy' from 'steel' who gives himself so fully to someone (poet's envy...).
    Well done


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