Friday, November 12, 2010

Women, Spiders, and Creatures of the Night

Women, Spiders, and Creatures of the Night
Perhaps I’ve always known what gave me a fright,
Women, tight spaces, and creatures of the night,
Spiders, bees, snakes, and places of great height,
These were things that I could see,
And they terrified me,
With the help of friends I learned to be brave,
Walking and crawling, deep into a forbidding cave,
And creatures that growled and couldn’t behave,
I was meaner than they could be,
But women?  They frightened me,
Spiders and bees I learned to handle with ease,
Mountains I climbed and I swung from trees,
Around these former fears I didn’t freeze,
So why now to such a degree,
Why did women scare me?
They weren’t breakable as you might suppose,
But they had a distinct walk and wore tight clothes,
And how did they ever get into those hose?
The best place for me was the sea,
Because women horrified me,
After a few years I was ready to change my ways,
I was going through a different kind of phase,
I’d been out to sea for way too many days,
It wasn’t something I could foresee,
Because now women fascinated me,
Oh, I was uneasy, and paced several nights,
Trying to understand what had given me such frights,
Trying to comprehend how women could excite,
What kind of surprises would I see?
What woman will appreciate me?
Will she be someone on whom I can depend?
Will she be adventurous, intelligent, my closest friend?
Will she be easy for me to really understand?
I wish I knew who awaits my kiss,
Someone to help me over fear’s abyss.

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