Sunday, November 21, 2010

Caretaker of the Earth

Caretaker of the Earth
I am a caretaker of the earth,
For I have no peace unless I
Feel the soil under my fingernails,
Johnny Appleseed was a step ahead,
Or he was me, for in my dreams,
I walked new lands,
Bending, stooping, planting,
Planting orchards in my wake,
Birds sang my song,
And bees hummed as I went along,
Wild animals treated me as an old friend,
I am a caretaker of the earth,
I cannot ignore the cries of the land,
In my dreams there is more than planting seeds,
I hold myself responsible for violent deeds,
Things I’ve left undone, or not done to my best,
Haunt my dreams and put me to the test
So come along, my friend,
Perhaps to my defense you can attest.
 (But Lord, You Can’t Blame Me!)
I think the Lord doesn’t understand.   I found that out today,
“What have you done to my garden?” I heard the Lord say,
“Lord, I was asleep.  It just wasn’t my fault,
I didn’t see anyone cover it with asphalt,”
“Where are my fishes? I’ve searched down and even deeper,”
“Wait a minute, Lord. Am I the fishes’ keeper?”
“Where are my animals? He whispered with dread,
“They got in the way, Lord.  They’re dead, all dead.”
“Is that a mushroom cloud hanging over mankind?”
“But, Lord, that’s the only way of peace we could find.”
“You must try harder. Give up your wasteful way.”
“But, Lord, I only take what I want.  Even then I pray.”
“I’m one of the good guys. Why should I repent?
I salute the flag.  I give ten percent.”
I saw the skies grow dark and the wind began to howl,
“You’ve disappointed me,” I could see his angry scowl,
“But, Lord,” I muttered, “you can’t blame me.
I’ve done all I could.  Don’t you agree?”

The dream was awful, for it made me feel,
That what I was dreaming was in some ways real,
As a caretaker I cannot let others pillage and rape,
And watch the earth destroyed as I stand and gape.

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  1. a great reminder of our responsability to mother earth:) beautiful.


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