Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Hug Library

The Hug Library
A hug is like a book,
Placed upon a shelf,
Waiting for a reader to come,
Someone like myself,
How lonely that hug must be,
With nothing but to yearn,
Unless a voracious reader appears,
Who really wants to learn,
My heart would eagerly grab,
Not one hug, but three or four,
Not wanting to leave one unclaimed,
Always wanting more,
A book deserves a second look,
As a voracious reader knows,
And a hug deserves a second chance,
As my appetite grows,
While a reader may have a system,
Of how to seek a book,
I guess I’m not so discriminate,
The first hug was all it took,
And should my thirst for knowledge,
Grow by leaps and bounds,
I’ll check out a hug, two, and more,
My learning will be profound,
Give me a hug to cherish,
I’ll treat it passionately,
I’ll return it in good condition,
We’ll keep it between you and me,
Think of hugs you could lend,
Until they are worn and threadbare,
You could dispense hugs forever,
Returning even better for the wear.


  1. Cool write! I love the bridging of two seperate entitites with different connotataions and seeing the other side so well played!

  2. Well-expressed.. The linkage with both just bring out and enhance the feelings beneath.. :)
    Anyway, I found you from Monday Potluck and here are my entires – different feelings for both..
    See you around..
    And yeah, here - a hug for you.. *HUG* :)

  3. What a great poem. Hugs and books are both so awesome, and you've woven the two together wonderfully.

  4. I love this! The metaphor is right on target, and you didn't miss a beat! Well done.

  5. Hugs for the lovely words!

  6. so huggie! heart warming!

  7. lovely comparison... an uplifting piece. well done!

    Bye For Now

  8. So because I spend a lot of time in libraries, I'm really after loads of hugs?!! lol
    I love the link between books and hugs.

  9. very smart way of highlighting a hug and how it impacts us.
    beautiful entry for potluck.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Interesting piece highlighting the need for touch, to touch the hearts of those around us. Always yearning for more.

  11. what a wonderful concept, a hug liabrary


  12. wonderful heart felt poem. nice job!

  13. All of can use hugs to satisfy that need to be touched.

  14. Some books are worth reading over and over.
    (I'm a big fan of hugs!)

  15. Good metaphor! All of us need affection every now and then (or maybe even every single moment of our lives).

  16. The poem is really cute and I love its rhythm! An easy read.

  17. Dear Dan
    A very good take on the book and emotions.. thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  18. wonderful poem. i like the analogy... :-) -7∞ miles

  19. Hey, my dear, I am dropping by to let you know I have replied your comments left for my post and also, thank you for dropping by.. :)
    Nice knowing you through writing.. :)

  20. Such a beautiful one.. :)
    How well you have compared a book and a hug, I loved the detailing.. :)

    Loads of Hugs

  21. Wonderful! Dan, what an imagination you have and what fun. Perfect.

    Hugs, Hugs, and more Hugs!

    Poem on, my friend.

  22. Lovely simile. I can see this as a beautifully illustrated children's book, although the concept is rather abstract!

    My potluck offering:


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