Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Broken People

Broken People
Broken people will change the world,
I’ve heard some sages say,
If that’s the truth, the gospel truth,
Then I’m here to lead the way,
My own broken past is there to see,
Strangers lifted me when I stumbled and fell,
They saw something worthwhile in me,
 The unfulfilled dreams within my well,
Feelings that were locked within my soul,
Untouched by outsiders who knew me not,
Unless they really listened to my goal,
Careful to discover what my dreams sought,
I made many trips in my sordid life,
Carrying dreams and hope to weak and poor,
And whenever I saw the results of strife,
My heart was hurt, deeply to the core,
Along the way I discovered my own weak spots,
About the motives I believed so true and good,
They were wrapped around my egotistical thoughts,
And the good I did was vastly misunderstood,
I was a broken person, trying to relate,
Making mistakes on the side trips I took,
But like a modern Robin Hood, I tempted fate,
And took things, by hook or by crook,
I changed my life, I changed my name,
Upon my shoulders I carried earth’s weight,
I fit in with society and played the game,
But I was a broken person, I learned too late,
I wanted to go unnoticed, but already I had fame,
Captured and jailed for things I had done,
My own broken past had caught me at last,
When my trial was over, no victories were won,
The evils I had done, would the good surpass,
But out of the shadows people began to appear,
Explaining how I had showed them how to cope,
Started them anew and took away their fear,
My broken life had given them reasons to hope,
In me they discovered someone who cared,
I told them, “I’ll walk with you, I’ll show you the way,
There are treasures in this world to be shared,
But you have to believe in yourself, day after day,”
That had been easy for me to say back then,
Being broken and changing, others could relate,
Now I’ll need to eat my words, thick or thin,
I think I can change again, I’ll set the date,
My mistakes will be paid, I’ll let my love shine,
I want to be honest, so I’ll share my history,
And I’ll try to reach others who need a lifeline,
Something good will come out of this, wait and see.

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