Friday, November 12, 2010

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Kissing the Blarney Stone
The Blarney Stone is not for the meek,
It is for you who are bold, you who seek,
To talk, to flatter, loquacious and free,
You who will share stories always with glee,
You could soon be talking a lot, if you choose,
You have everything to win and nothing to lose,
Tales of the dark side, and fairies in the night,
And sometimes stretch the truth in daylight,
Characters in all forms, large or small,
Within, without, short or tall,
They’re waiting for you to set them free,
Where they’ll look and act, like you and me,
So off you go to the Emerald Isle,
Ready for Blarney to brighten your smile,
Ready for the Stone to set your tongue on fire,
But there is one thing the magic does require,
Hanging within the well by feet alone,
Brave you are to kiss the Blarney Stone,
Say what you want, say what you will,
Like a babbling brook flowing down a hill,
You may be eloquent, you may be a bore,
You won’t be quiet, not anymore,
Once started, the trait is handed down,
Whether poor, middle class, or wearing a crown,
You cannot stay hidden and remain unknown,
Once you have kissed the Blarney Stone.

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