Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harvest of Dreams

Harvest of Dreams
I could say the world is fractured,
Spinning crazily out of control,
With floods, disease, and death,
Corrupt governments with no soul,
How can I find words of gratitude,
For the blessings I have received,
When voices wounded and angry,
Are saying they have been deceived,
I could say I’ve been lucky,
With family, health, and a job,
And ignore the world’s pitiful wail,
As it’s trampled by a mob,
There are shocking glimpses of truth,
With media and words of pleading,
They resonate deep within the soul,
It’s hard to stop the bleeding,
From out of chaos I will rise above,
Blessing others on destiny’s road,   
One step forward, one day at a time,
I’ll help lighten someone’s load,
Soothing answers though are not enough,
To stop the destruction and greed,
So I will climb over the walls,
To help someone in need,
I cannot forget the troubles of the world,
While I listen to the anguished cries,
During this season I’ll give of myself,
I’ll reach out as the needs arise,
What can I do? I’m just one, you know,
That will show that I’ve been blessed,
I’ll give thanks for all I’ve received,
But service for others will be my test,
I can’t tune the world out,
Just to let beauty come in,
But I can work to change myself,
Starting with my heart within,
Every day is a harvest of dreams,
When I ease the plight of another,
The things once said could not be done,
Are possible when I work with others.

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