Saturday, November 13, 2010


Life Awakens in Spring
In the spring when twigs are beginning to swell,
The sweet fragrance of dogwood blossoms permeates the air,
Snow is pulling its slushy feet into the shadow,
With mixed emotions I come to watch the changes there,
Gone are gray overcast days with threats of snow,
Replaced by sunshine and gusts of warm wind,
Nearby a robin hops, and on a branch sings raucous crow,
Newly pressed are tracks of raccoon and field mice,
 Displaying stories of survival on the forest floor,
I am here to take it all in and thought it would suffice,
If I watch quietly I will see what nature has in store,
Gone is the winter coat that transformed the earth,
In its place is a slushy mud that clings to shoes and hands,
I am glad to see spring pulling life from hidden crevices,
See formations of geese over an emerging  wonderland,
I love winter, for it gives nature time to restore and rest,
But spring I enjoy more, for life is awakening from sleep,
Stretching and yawning, longer days dawning, with nature at her best.

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