Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm Not Fooled By You

You stand there with that smug smile,
And pretend you are listening,
But I’m not fooled by you,
You are simply waiting for me to finish,
So you can say what you rehearsed,
Before I asked you to discuss us.
Don’t think I’m fooled by you,
For I’ve seen you a thousand times,
Giving out messages without listening,
Never appreciating our differences,
Always sure you had the right answers,
Ignoring tone of voice, gestures, and words,
Yes, words that poured out from my heart,
I’m not fooled by you,
You think by being logical and advising,
That you are in control of our relationship,
But feelings don’t have to be logical or reasonable,
You tell me what you want me to hear or to know,
But when you hide the truth, or deny my feelings,
The beautiful ways we could relate come to a halt,
Perhaps you’re fooled by me,
If I gave you the impression you could trash me,
Put me down because you thought I was weak,
Maybe you didn’t like my confidence,
Because you were weak inside and attacked,
Afraid I’d find out that you were pretending to be strong,
Perhaps you were fooled by me,
I already knew you had to lean on my strength,
But that was okay, for I also leaned on you,
We have been wasting energy trying to discuss,
Where the you and me should become us,
I know that pain is necessary to grow,
But I am so tired of hearing your answers,
When you haven’t heard my questions,
Perhaps you thought I was fooled by you,
You were sure I would fit your mold,
You were so calm and so in control,
But you did not try to accept who I am,
I wanted us to share so much,
But my feelings are still bottled up,
And I think I might explode,
Don’t be surprised if I ignore you,
When I see you my heart bleeds,
But no longer will I heed,
My heart was fooled for awhile,
But you can’t beguile,
With your smile,

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