Saturday, November 6, 2010

So Many Sweet Memories

So Many Sweet Memories
Time is marching on, leaving only memories in its wake,
Although I don’t like life’s pace, I’m glad to partake,
Solitude is mine and I have time to reflect on the good,
I was often alone and it did not matter where I stood,
I watched fall appear with a thousand oaks bursting into flame,
The beauty of nature looked for me and called out my name,
The hills were alive and the sun smiled gently day after day,
Then fall, like so many sweet memories, was suddenly swept away,
Those flashy colors that I loved so well, faded with the cold,
And winter’s icy fingers pulled pleasure from fall’s hold,
Now I must find some order in life, and put on a brave face,
Like winter’s chill, my heart is raw, no one here to embrace,
I yearn for yesterday’s thrills, though I knew you could not stay,
My heart burned with passion hot, before you slipped away,
Despite the cold, I think warm thoughts, imagining you with me,
And in my dreams I seek you out, and we fulfill love’s destiny.


  1. I think your poetry like my poetry it is not very esoteric. That means that the reader can understand what are you talking about and it speaks directly to the heart. Moreover, the rhythm it's there and it's beautiful! I like it very much.

  2. Poignant and sad and full of yearning and very well written, Dan. Touches the heart. Thank you!

    Have a good day today.


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