Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Treasures Forever

Treasures Forever
Sharing words of appreciation for all that is done,
Shows me I’m respected,
Being open and honest when we talk,
Lets me trust you more,
Reciprocating by doing something good,
Demonstrates love,
Not using critical or condemning words,
Shows self control,
Giving quality time shows you care,
And builds bridges of love,
Forgiving my failures from yesterday,
Lets me love and move on,
Asking questions with a genuine desire to understand,
Shows that you listened,
Forgiving me as a commitment you made,
Shows that you accept me as I am,
Exchanging kind words between us,
Draws us closer together,
Telling me you love me, reassuring me,
Shows your sensitivity,
Believing that relationships hold life’s deepest meaning,
Makes me value you more,
Making requests and not demands,
Allows me to respond gracefully,
Showing mercy when an offense is done,
Shows a mature heart,
Turning away wrath with a soft voice,
Promotes togetherness,
Cherishing intimacy in talk and action,
Brings a closeness we both want,
Making important decisions together,
Helps build respect,
Merging our lives as we become one,
 Reminds us that our relationship,
 Is not a project to be completed,
 But a work in progress,
Treating our dreams as a gate to the future,
Helps us stay in love,
 Understanding that each of us is human,
Keeps us from falling from a pedestal,
Looking for the good in each other,
Lets us find treasures forever.

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  1. wow what a beautiful relationship...wish there were more, many many more


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