Friday, November 5, 2010

What a Woman Wants

What a Woman Wants
Do I know what a woman wants?
The answer to that question taunts,
And in deep sleep my mind it haunts,
I attempt to answer at the break of day,
Realizing my ignorance is on display,
She wants someone to hear what she has to say,
I mean, really listen in every way,
Her feelings are important without a doubt,
Identify her feelings but don’t say them out,
Even if they sound odd or strange,
Listen intently without trying to change,
Don’t fix her problems unless she were to ask,
Just listening, not a solution, is really the task,
She wants appreciation for work she might do,
That’s only fair, for I like it too,
How can I find fault if she is doing her best,
I cannot tally wrongs and put her to the test.
If you’ve been listening you’re steps ahead,
She knows you care, even with words unsaid,
Romance and adventure are on her mind,
Telling books and movies are easy to find,
She needs love and tenderness above all things,
Including flowers and expensive diamond rings,
She likes them too,
But not as much as you,
I think I’ve found what women really need,
But lest you think these words you’ll heed,
Be unpredictable, each day a sweet surprise,
I think she will blossom before your eyes,
Love and laughter, adventure and romance,
Is yours for the asking, if you take a chance,
She wants someone on whom she can depend,
Who treats her with respect but more than a friend,
Someone who will hold her tight,
And be constant, night after night,
My humble opinion is only a guess,
I have been wrong before, I must confess,
What a woman wants, the answer for sure,
One will never know, the question will endure.

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